We are a local charity and we lend mobility scooters and wheelchairs to anyone with limited mobility. It is free to join and free to use daily with equipment available long term.

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See some more about our scheme
About Shopmobility Cookstown

About Us

Shopmobility Mid Ulster (locally registered Charity Reg No. NIC101492) has a service desk based in the Burnavon Arts Centre, Cookstown, providing equipment, advice and support to those with mobility restrictions in the Cookstown area. The scheme is managed by a group of local people dedicated to providing services to those who have difficulty getting around.

  • To assist individuals with limited mobility in gaining access to local shops and services within Cookstown.
  • To ensure that there is an Equality of Opportunity and Social Inclusion afforded to all who live and visit Cookstown in line with Section 75 of NI Act.
  • To ensure Shopmobility Mid Ulster brings value to Cookstown and aid in securing longer term vibrancy and sustainability for the town.
  • To ensure Shopmobility CMid Ulster will create greater synergy in attaining accessible transport within the Accessible Transport Strategy 2015.
  • To ensure that Shopmobility Mid Ulster will augment and sit within the present transport provision in Cookstown.
  • Volunteering and active citizenship will be at the core of service delivery.
  • To ensure that Shopmobility Mid Ulster will be promoted to the community and wider community in Northern Ireland.

We also have a sister organisation Shopmobility Dungannon based in Ranfurly Arts & Visitor Centre, Dungannon. We both work together under the same management committee and your membership card is valid for both schemes.

As part of Shopmobility Mid Ulster's responsibility to provide a first class service, the scheme is members of both Shopmobility Northern Ireland and Shopmobility UK. Both these organisations assist us by providing information and support to enable us to achieve our high levels of customer service.

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See the people behind our scheme
Our Committee

People behind Shopmobility Cookstown

L-R: Cllr Wilbert Buchannon (Chairman - Cookstown District Council), David Lyttle (David Lyttle Accountants), Mark Farquhar (Project Manager), Ursula Marshall (Vice Chair), Wilbert Mayne (Chair), Paula Martin (Chair - Shopmobility NI), Tony McConnell (DRD), Cllr Roger Burton (Mayor - Dungannon & ST Borough Council).

Shopmobility Cookstown has a Management Committee representing Community and Voluntary sector organisations, Charities, Local Government, Chamber of Commerce and Independent Traders.

The Committee of Shopmobility Cookstown & Dungannon are a group of local people who provide support, advice and leadership to the staff and volunteers. They represent many different organisations within the Cookstown and Dungannon area. They include:

  • Chairman Wilbert Mayne MBE (CDM Community Transport)
  • Vice Chair Ursula Marshall (Mid Ulster Disability Forum)
  • Treasurer Brigid Scullion (CDM Community Transport)
  • Secretary Gretta Reid (Age Concern / O4O)
  • Members:
  • Cllr Mark Glasgow (Mid Ulster Council)
  • Cllr Christine McFlynn (Mid Ulster Council)
  • Tony McCance (Mid Ulster Council)
  • Mary McCullagh (Mid Ulster Council)
  • John McGorry (M.S Support Group)
  • Cllr John McNamee (Mid Ulster Council)
  • Cllr Joe O'Neill (Mid Ulster Council)
  • Cllr James Sheils (Mid Ulster Council)
  • Julie Ann Spence (Mid Ulster Council)
  • The Committee has overall responsibility for the project, however, the scheme is managed on a day-to-day basis by Project Manager Mark Farquhar and two Project Administrators - Fiona Hamill (Dungannon) & Sarah McGurk (Cookstown).

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See our range of equipment
Our Equipment

Scooters & Wheelchairs

We have a range of equipment to suit various needs and requirements. Our robust scooters and wheelchairs enable the user to negotiate the town centre very easily with excellent safety and manoeuvrability. Below is a list of the makes and models of our scooters and wheelchairs including their maximum weight limit.

  • Large Scooter Pride Colt Pursuit (Up to 28 stone)
  • Standard Scooters Mercury Neo 4 (Up to 21 stone)
  • Twin Scooter Pride Colt Twin (Up to 25 stone)
  • Portable Scooter Invacare Lynx 4 (Up to 21 stone)
  • Portable Scooter Mercury Prism 4 (Up to 18 stone)
  • Portable Scooter Pride Go Go Ultra (Up to 15 stone)
  • Manual & Transit Wheelchairs Drive Enigma (Up to 18 stone)
  • Manual Wheelchair Breezy Basix 2 (Up to 20 stone)
  • Paediatric Wheelchair Roma Medical 1310 (Up to 13 stone)
  • Bariatric Wheelchair Roma Medical 1473 (Up to 35st 7lbs)
  • Electric Wheelchair Drive Energi 18" (Up to 20 stone)
  • Rollators Drive 18" (Up to 18 stone)

We offer a Meet & Greet Service where we can bring equipment to Burn Road Carpark, Orritor Street Carpark, Supervalu/Home Bargains Carpark, Main Street and Cookstown Bus Station. We also offer a signposting and information service on equipment and other mobility related matters so feel free to contact us with any of your queries.

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View scooter & wheelchair charges
Borrowing Equipment

Scooters & Wheelchairs Charges

It is free to become a member of Shopmobility Cookstown and once you are registered you can borrow equipment for anything from one day to several months. It is free to use the equipment daily but there is a number of small charges that apply to equipment borrowed for longer than one day. Below is a list of the charges:

Manual Wheelchair / Rollator
  • Duration
  • Hire Charge
  • Daily
  • Free
  • Overnight
  • £2
  • Weekend
  • £5
  • Weekly
  • £10
  • Two Weeks
  • £15
  • Monthly
  • £20
Scooter / Electric Wheelchair
  • Duration
  • Hire Charge
  • Daily
  • Free
  • Overnight
  • £5
  • Weekend
  • £10
  • Weekly
  • £20
  • Two Weeks
  • £30
  • Monthly
  • £50

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See where we are located
Find Us

Our Location

Find Us

Shopmobility Mid Ulster (Cookstown) is located inside the Burnavon Arts & Cultural Centre, we are open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. For those who are unable to come to us we offer a Meet & Greet Service where we can bring equipment to Burn Road Carpark, Orritor Street Carpark, Supervalu/Home Bargains Carpark, Main Street and Cookstown Bus Station.

Other services upon request include Guides where a volunteer can help to escort users around town. Booking in advance is however essential for these services. For more information or to book equipment simply contact us.

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Some useful links & contacts

Other Contacts that may be useful

Become a Member

Becoming a member of Shopmobility Mid Ulster (Cookstown) is simple and necessary in order to borrow our equipment. Membership is free and easy to sign-up.


Simply download the application form and complete the sections. Bring the completed form into the Burnavon Arts Centre where one of our staff will check it.

What to Bring with You?

Bring along 2 forms of I.D. Ideally one proof of I.D and one proof of address. A Driving licence and a utility bill would be perfect. To complete your application our staff will take a photgraph of the new member.

What Next?

A member of staff will show you how to operate the equipment and you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to use it safely. Once you are comfortable and our staff are satisfied then off you go.

You will be issued with a membership card and will be able to borrow equipment whenever you like by simply showing your card.


Members can borrow equipment on a daily basis free of charge. Once signed up you will be covered by extensive fully Comprehensive Insurance whilst using equipment on the street, at home or in the shopping centre.
Membership needs renewed annually to ensure you are fully covered with our insurance.
If you have difficulties getting around the town or know of someone who has mobility restrictions then a scooter or wheelchair could be your answer. If you have an elderly or disabled relative who has a hospital appointment, why not borrow a wheelchair to take with you the next time you have an appointment. It could save you a lot of hassle if you are parked in the farthest point from the entrance.

Become a Member